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VTP maintains vast stocks of OEM and top quality Replacement Parts suitable for the maintenance and repair of the complete Volvo Truck range and model years: Volvo FL6, FL7, FS7, FLC, F10, F12, F16, FL10, FL12, Volvo FL & FE [from 2007] Volvo FH [1994 > present day] Volvo FM 1999 > current] and the Volvo FMX range 2010 onwards.

VTP Ltd is your premier source for OEM Volvo Truck Parts Online. We offer OEM specification Truck Spares from stock suitable for all Volvo Commercial Trucks, plus a vast array of Aftermarket Truck Parts. From Volvo Truck Engine, Cooling, Fuel, Emissions and Transmission Spares, right through to Volvo Truck Suspension, Braking and Electrical systems, plus a substantial range of Reconditioned and Used Volvo Truck Parts always available.

VTP have dealt with and supplied Spare Parts for Volvo Trucks for some 30+ years and have seen many changes and developments during that time.

Some of the technical features that the Volvo Truck division have created their own labelling for include;

  • “Volvo I-See” - Predictive Cruise Control.
  • “Volvo IFS” - Individual [or Independent] Front Suspension.
  • “Volvo VDS” - Volvo Dynamic Steering. An electronically aided steering system.
  • “Volvo I-Shift Dual Clutch”, an innovative use of a dual-clutch gearbox in HGV’s. 

We also supply Renault Truck Spares, together with Spare Parts for Scania Trucks and other HGV manufacturers, including DAF, MAN, Mercedes and Iveco truck Spare Parts, all direct from stock.

Volvo Truck Range Maintenance

Volvo revised their truck range / models during 2013 and produced the following models for which VTP provides a comprehensive list of replacement parts, not forgetting we hold large stocks of Heavy Duty Truck Parts to fit older Volvo Trucks such as the earlier Volvo FH12, FH16, FM7, FM9, FM10 & FM12.

An example maintenance schedule & parts are listed below:

Service Items;

  • Oil Filters; 201314 / 201314OEM, 201316 / 201316OEM
  • By-Pass Oil Filter;                        201315 / 201315OEM
  • Air Filter; 210055 / 210055OEM
  • Fuel Filter;                        203919 / 203919OEM, 230005 / 230005OEM
  • Cab Pollen Filter; 290053
  • Air Dryer Cartridge;                        206665 / 206665OEM
  • Power Steering Filter; 107013  
  • AdBlue Filter;                        203989 /203989OEM   

Replacing Brake Pads;

  • Front / Rear Axle use same Brake Pad; 206666 / 206666OEM
  • For Mid Lift Axle; 6260002 / 6260002OEM

If the vehicle has covered over 600,000Km, it is recommended to replace the following;

  • Fan Belts;                                    202387, 202464, 202465, 202469 / 202469OEM
  • Alternator Belt; 108317
  • Belt Tensioner;                        220008 / 220008OEM

Also, consider changing wheel bearings;

  • Wheel Bearing Kits; 205097OEM, 205096OEM, 205098OEM
  • And finally, the Turbocharger; 210024OEM

Volvo FL, Volvo’s Small Truck Range

The current Volvo FL range are Volvo's smaller trucks and are usually used for local and regional distribution and refuse collection etc.

The Volvo FL was first available in the summer of 1985, since then there have been a variety of different models and weight ratings.

The FL6 was a particularly common choice of wagon in its various forms sold between 1984 and 2005, closely followed by the FL10 which was a very popular truck during the 1990’s.

A substantially revised FL/FE range was introduced in 2006, with an updated model on sale since 2013. 

  • Axle Configuration;             4x2
  • Cab Configuration;             Short Cab, Medium Cab, Crew Cab
  • Engines, 1Lt, 6 x Cyl D5K, 7.7 Lt, 6 x Cyl D8K
  • Power outputs; 154kW [207PS], 177kW [238PS], 184kW [247PS], 206 kW [276PS]
  • Gross Weight; 12 - 18 tonnes

Volvo FE, The ‘Heavyweight FL Sibling’

The Volvo FE range is closely related to the FL truck, sharing a substantial revision and launch in 2006 and updated models introduced in 2013. It is commonly used for construction work as well as regional distribution.

  • Axle Configuration; 4x2, 6x2, 6x4
  • Cab Configuration; Short Cab, Medium Cab, Long Cab. ‘Low-Entry’ Cab
  • Engines,             7 Lt, 6 x Cyl D8K
  • Power outputs;             184kW [247PS], 206kW [276PS], 235kW [315PS] 

Volvo FM / FMX, ‘The Workhorse’

The Volvo FM range of trucks was first introduced in 1999, sharing many components with its bigger sibling, the Volvo FH, the FM is primarily used for regional and national distribution and was revised in 2006, 2008 and once more in 2012 It continues to be a popular choice within the UK truck industry.

  • Axle Config; 4x2, 6x2, 6x4, 8x2, 8x4
  • Cab Configuration; Short Cab, Long Cab, Long Cab with High-Roof (Globetrotter LXL)
  • Engines;             8 Lt, 6 x Cyl D11K, 12.8 litre, 6 x Cyl D13K
  • Power Output; 247kW [330PS], 269kW [360PS], 277kW [371PS], 292kW [391PS], 322kW [431PS], 374kW [502PS]

Volvo FMX, the ‘Off-Road choice’

The Volvo FMX is based on the FM chassis, but specially designed for off-road and construction work, with a Beefed-Up Chassis and running gear components, plus All-Wheel drive options to cope with the tough environment these trucks will be working in.

  • Axle Configuration;             4x4, 6x6, 8x6
  • Cab Configuration;             Short Cab, Long Cab, Long Cab with High-Roof (Globetrotter)
  • Engines;             8 Lt, 6 x Cyl D13K
  • Power Output; 397kW [532PS]

Volvo FH12, the ‘Long Distance Master’

The Volvo FH12 is known as the long distance master, with the option to be fitted with a variety of spacious cabs for the driver who will spend long periods and cover many miles in the truck, it was first introduced in 1994 when it was immediately praised for its modern features. It quickly became a common sight on Britain’s roads and continues to be very popular today for nationwide and inter-continental haulage.

  • Axle Configuration; 4x2, 6x2, 6x4, 8x2, 8x4
  • Cab Configuration; Long Cab, Long Cab-Flat Roof, Long Cab with High-Roof (Globetrotter) Increased Space Cab (Globetrotter XL)
  • Engines; 8 Lt, 6 x Cyl D13K
  • Power Output; 309kW [415PS], 338kW [453PS], 368kW [494PS], 397kW [532PS]

FH16, ‘The Daddy’

The FH16 is currently the biggest truck Volvo offer, it was offered for sale in different periods over the years, but the versions on sale today claim to be the most powerful truck available, boasting an impressive power output of up to 750HP [552kW / 740PS].

  • Engines; 1 litre D16K
  • Power Output; 405kW [543PS], 479kW [642PS], 552kW [740PS]

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