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    1. AdBlue Dosing Unit (Used) 2C-DU/116

      AdBlue Dosing Unit (Used) 2C-DU/116

      FH/FM:2008> Euro 5, FL&FE:2006> Euro 5, B7, B9L, B9S, B9TL, B9R, B12B, B12M
    2. Air Suspension Solenoid Valve, Drive & Lift Axle (Used) 7-ASSV/660
    3. Balance Beam Bracket Complete With Saddle (Used) 7-BB/390
    4. Battery Isolator Switch (Used) 3-IS/449

      Battery Isolator Switch (Used) 3-IS/449

      FH/FM 2004>, Magnum DXi13, Premium
    5. Camshaft (Used) 2A-CAS/437

      Camshaft (Used) 2A-CAS/437

      FH/FM13:2009>, Premium II, Kerax, Magnum, B13R
    6. Cylinder Head (Used) 2A-CH/D11BC
    7. Cylinder Head (Used) 2A-CH/D13C
    8. Differential Assembly (Used) 4-D/461

      Differential Assembly (Used) 4-D/461

      FH/FM:2004>, Premium II, Kerax, Lander
    9. Differential Assembly (Used) 4-D/462

      Differential Assembly (Used) 4-D/462

      FH/FM:2004>, Premium II, Kerax, Lander
    10. Differential Assembly (Used) 4-D/984

      Differential Assembly (Used) 4-D/984

      FH/FM:2004>, Premium II, Kerax, Lander
    11. Differential Assembly (Used) 4-D/RTS2370AF 3.09
    12. Engine Control Unit (Used) 3-ECU/D13A-1

      Engine Control Unit (Used) 3-ECU/D13A-1

      FH13/16:2006>2013, FM9:2002>2008, FM11:2009>2013, FM16:2006>2013, FMX, B9R, B11R, B12B, B12M
    13. Engine Sump, Plastic (Used) 2A-S/D11

      Engine Sump, Plastic (Used) 2A-S/D11

      FM:2008>, Premium II, Kerax
    14. Front Hub (Used) 6-H/665V2
    15. Gearbox VT2514B (Used) 4-GB/VT2214BR
    16. Halfshaft L/H (Used) 4-HS/526

      Halfshaft L/H (Used) 4-HS/526

      FH / FM:2004, FE:2006>
    17. Halfshaft R/H (Used) 4-HS/525

      Halfshaft R/H (Used) 4-HS/525

      FH / FM:2004, FE:2006>
    18. Halfshaft, Double Spline (Used) 4-HS/1628
    19. Idler Gear (Used) 2A-IG/D911

      Idler Gear (Used) 2A-IG/D911

      FM:2002>, Premium Lander, Kerax, B9, B11
    20. Injector (Used) 2C-I/D13C

      Injector (Used) 2C-I/D13C

      FH / FM 2008>, B13
    21. Injector Rocker Assembly (Used) 2A-IR/195
    22. Inlet Rocker Assembly (Used) 2A-IR/934
    23. Mounting Bracket, V-Stay (Used) 7-BK/398

      Mounting Bracket, V-Stay (Used) 7-BK/398

      FL6:2002>2006, FH/FM:2002>, FMX
    24. Power Steering Pump (Used) 6-PSP/833
    25. Rocker Cover With Breather (Used) 2A-RC/D13
    26. RSS1344C Differential 2.85 Ratio (Used) 4-D/44C2.85
    27. RSS1344C Differential 3.08 Ratio (Used) 4-D/RSS1344C3.08
    28. RSS1344C Differential 3.36 Ratio (Used) 4-D/RSS1344C3.36
    29. Spring Hanger L/H, Push Axle (Used) 7-SH/918
    30. Spring Hanger R/H, Push Axle (Used) 7-SH/919

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